$100,000 Awarded to the Lea Theater!


The city of Lovington is being given $100,000 in Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) funding for restoration of the Lea Theater.

The money is being provided under the auspices of the state’s MainStreet Historic Theater Initiative, which was launched in 2013.

“Historic theaters are unique assets in New Mexico’s MainStreet districts and can serve as vital economic development anchors in rural communities to attract business and commerce,” said Gov. Susana Martinez in a statement. “Lovington will benefit greatly from these improvements as the theater will become a cornerstone of economic development for the MainStreet district and have a spillover effect into other businesses.”

The money will be used for infrastructure improvements so that first-run digital films can be shown at the theater. The owners of the Lea Theater closed it and the city of Lovington purchased the theater as a cultural facility. That purchase enabled Lea Theater to become part of the MainStreet initiative, according to the state.