A few words about IBCA

“International Barbecue Cookers Association’s purpose is to develop and bolster equitable competitive Barbecue cooking internationally.” We give competitive cookers the peace of mind when their product is placed in the judging area. IBCA shall know no boundaries nationally or internationally.

History of IBCA – by Jeff Shivers

In 1988 nine (9) interested parties (Doug Beich, Terry Blount, Henry Cutaia (d), Jim Hudgins,
Tom Kennedy, Obie Obermark, Charlie Rogers, Jeff Shivers, and Waldo Strein) met for the first time in Irving, Texas to discuss the possibilities of starting a new BBQ organization. We spent the first year writing a constitution, by-laws, and cook-off rules. The intent of the IBCA is to offer a set of uniform cook-off rules that are fair and “user friendly” for the cooks. In 1989 we opened up the membership in IBCA. We currently have over 700 members.


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